Hello, hello!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything in a blog.  So much has been happening that I’ve not had much time to write about it (and I’ve been too lazy, because there’s been so much… etc.).

Life change #1 – I got married!

I guess that’s old news by now, but it’s still exciting, and an adjustment, for me.  Sometimes I just stare at the rings on my finger and think, “Hey, I’m married.”  Sometimes that’s followed by, “Geez, I’m old now.”

Sometimes I just stare at the rings on my finger because they’re shiny.

(Clearly, I haven’t accepted the reality of being an adult.)

Also, I’ve been having fun figuring out ways to use my new last name (not officially changed due to other life events, but hopefully soon!), which includes much amusement in being C^2.  Because I’m nerdy clever like that?

By the way, you can check out pictures from our wedding on our photographer’s blog.  If you’d like more detailed pictures, let us know, and we’ll send you the link!

We got some cute matching cell phone charms, too. Because they’re cute.


Life change #1b – We went on our honeymoon!

We did go to London and Ireland, and it was a good time, although cold.  Lesson learned: honeymoons are for warm places and leisurely paces, not sightseeing.  Next honeymoon, we’re definitely staying in one place instead of driving around.

London is still one of my favorite cities, likely in large part because the Tube is one of my favorite transit systems.  (Out of like, the 3 I’ve ever tried.)  We stayed at a really nice hotel there, thanks to my dad’s hotel points.  Here’s one of our favorite pictures from the trip.  (This is before I got wicked sick from the wasn’t-expecting-that cold weather.)


Our last day was spent at Oxford, visiting Jordan’s childhood friend, Anthony.  I think that was my favorite part of the London leg of our trip; I’ve heard so many fun stories about them growing up, and I had really been looking forward to meeting him.  They caught up after not having seen each other for years, Jordan tried fish ‘n chips for the first time, we went to visit this gorgeous proper castle, and we had the yummiest ice cream ever from George & Danver.

Seriously.  Ice cream on a waffle.  It was delicious.  I don’t even like waffles.

It was both our first times in Ireland, which was a definite requirement for our honeymoon.  It was beautiful and scenic, and there weren’t too many people since it was pre-summer vacation time.  The only downside was that it was colder than we had expected, and so I had a lot of health challenges along the way.  I did actually get sick near the end, which I think was more unfortunate for my poor hubby than for me (I just slept my way through it; he had to take care of me).

A few favorite highlights from Ireland:


We stayed in Dromoland Castle, which I had been super excited about because, hey, sleeping in a castle, but it turned out that it was a castle-turned-resort, so it was more like a really fancy hotel.  It was gorgeous but didn’t quite fulfill my bucket list check mark of “stayed in a castle.” Our favorite part of it was definitely the falconry lesson we got to do, which we had been super excited about and did not disappoint.  We had a private lesson with a girl named Sarah, who was so sweet and told us a lot about falconry.  Our lesson was with a beautiful Harris hawk named Derbyshire (Derby for short) who had recently been brought into the program from being trained for hunting.  And yes, that’s Jordan’s arm she’s perched on!


After the lesson, we got to meet the other birds in the program, including a super chill and very sweet owl named Pickle.


There were a few beautiful days of weather that were lovely, and we really enjoyed being outside in the scenery then.  I could go on and on about the trip, but I think that’ll run way long for this post.  I may or may not write up a post about it later, but I’ll try to at least get some pictures up… sometime…

Life change #2 – We got a house!

After about a year’s hunt, we finally found a house!  Woohoo!  (But the pain is not over… turns out there is a lot to do for a house.)  The whole process was surprisingly smooth, and both our real estate agent, Michelle Perez, and our contact for our lender were extremely sweet and helpful.  They were both at our closing and gave us really sweet gifts, and the closing was quick and painless.  We were out of there with a title and keys in like an hour.

We’re all moved in and done with the apartment (there were some minor issues with that, so we’re glad to be done).  Farewell, my built-in shoe rack.  I will miss you.


On the other hand, now there is LOTS of space for me to put my stuff!  Er… for us to put… our stuff.  Yep.

In my defense, Jordan is allotted half the closet space, even if he’s not using all of it.  Okay, maybe like a third.

It’s a nice two-story, because we both like two stories, with four bedrooms upstairs.  One of those bedrooms is now our “office,” and the other two secondary bedrooms we call the sun room or hot room (which, coincidentally, also ended up being the current only guest room) and the craft room or “not hot” room.  The lighting is pretty nice, and there are a lot of trees so the house stays pretty cool.

Charcoal seems to be enjoying the new house.  He’s got lots of space to run around in, and he’s found all the perfect places (i.e., the most-in-the-way places) to sit or sprawl out.  So he’s definitely taken command of the household.  This morning, he, for the first time that I’ve seen, even decided to chill out in the bathtub…


We also have outdoor kitties!  They’re very cute.  There are two kittens which are almost full-sized adult cats now, both grey tabbies, one with white points and one without.  The one with white points actually looks a lot like Miyu.  Their mom is all grey, with a white chest and white paws.  We first saw the mom, and she totally gives you the evil eye.  We were a little worried at first, because all she would do was hiss at us, but after a couple times she warmed up to us and is actually super sweet.  She really likes being pet, and she always comes up to us and rubs on us.  She still has the evil eye, though, so we decided to name her Maleficent (I frequently call her “mama”).  I guess you can’t really tell in the pictures.



The two little ones were very shy at first, and they still startle easily, but they’re also very sweet and getting used to us.  They love being pet and purr incredibly loudly, almost on par with Charcoal.  We decided to name them Flotsam (the one with white points) and Jetsam (the all grey one), because it was the only pair I could think of in the Disney-verse.  Flotsam is still pretty shy, but he still loves a good neck or bottom scratch.  I think they’re both boys.

Jetsam is a cuddlebug; he loves to be pet, and he’ll flop over like his mama.  He’ll also lick and nibble on our fingers when he’s particularly happy.


I think Flotsam just really likes to eat. He’s also least shy when he’s peeking in the window, waiting for us to come out and feed them.


We just had our housewarming party this weekend — somewhat belatedly, I suppose, since it’s been over a month.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet each others’ coworkers, but we had a lot of friends, met our neighbors, and had a good time.  Our house is warmed.  And we have a lot of leftovers.

I made rosemary olive oil for the guest gifts, which I think people enjoyed.  We have a rosemary bush that is so overgrown, it’s like taking over the sidewalk and the street.  We trimmed enough to have more than enough rosemary than we know what to do with, and it doesn’t even look like we touched the thing.  So… you know, if you want some rosemary, let me know.


We got to meet some of the neighbors, somewhat as a result of the housewarming party, including our next door neighbors.  They’re a really nice couple with the sweetest dog, although he’s gotten pretty old and needs a lot of care from them.  We also got to meet their neighbors from across the street, another very nice couple with a daughter.  Our neighbors behind us, a sweet couple who we actually met when we first moved in but haven’t had much occasion to see since, also came by.  The neighborhood is pretty established, it sounds like, and there are a lot of families that have lived here for a long time, so we’re happy about that.

Life change #3 – I got a job!

I found a job as a developer at Accenture, a global consulting firm.  I’m actually not going to be a consultant, fortunately, so I don’t have to travel.  I started work at the end of August, and I recently got a project to work on so I can really start learning work things.  The organization of the team is a little funny and confusing, but my managers are really nice and a lot of fun.  I like all of my coworkers, and for a while we had a new hire party room (sort of).  Now we have desks (so I can finally leave stuff there)!  I think I’m being put, voluntarily, in a position to help out with some administrative stuff, too, like gathering team statuses and helping onboard any new hires.

Interestingly, the dress code (at least when I had just started) is business casual.  I think they’ve relaxed it a bit, although their new policy is a little vague in terms of what we can/should wear.  I’ve still been wearing business casual, because hey, I already bought it, and it’s kind of fun.  Plus, we’ve been watching Suits as our sort of dinnertime show, and I’m totally channeling the ladies’ outfits in my head when I’m wearing business casual.  I’ve also learned how to walk in heels!  It helps a lot that I found a really good brand of pumps and that fit well.  Anyways… enough about shoes…

The only bummer side to the whole thing is that it’s really far from our house, so my commute is now about an hour long (if I’m lucky).  Jordan and I have been able to carpool most days, though, and since he drives the first half to his workplace (which is about halfway between my workplace and our house), I don’t have to drive as much.  It’s worked out pretty well so far, except my poor hubby has to get up super early because I’m an early bird.

That’s pretty much it for how life is going.  Lots and lots of changes.  I’m just starting to adjust, and I’ve been trying really hard to find time to do anything.  I think we’re getting into the swing of things finally, so I’ve been able to catch up on things like reading and organizing and writing this post!


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